A dog is a man’s best friend.

The time you spend with your pet is relaxing and funny and it often makes you forget everyday obligations and concerns. Everything seems nicer. With wagging its tail your dog is able to get you out of the house even if you are not in a great mood. Otherwise, especially in bad weather conditions, it’s possible that you would remain on the couch.

But your hairy buddy barks: Let’s go! Fast!  A great motivator, you have to admit 😉


Being active is important for both of you, because the physical workout helps to stay fit and healthy.

The simplest thing you can do is taking your dog for a walk …of course ;). It is easy, relaxing and you will be in motion, without any special effort. In fact, it can give you even more energy. You can choose the route and the distance you want. Regular walking can than become a routine.

(If you are in crisis when it comes to morning walks, take a cup of Green Tea as an encouragement, which will revitalize you and fill you with energy.)

Your dog can be your best company even when it comes to some forms of workout.

A more playful exercise to tone your belly is making your dog to fetch up a ball. Sit down on the floor, hold a ball in your hand and start making sit-ups. When you reach the top position, just throw the ball. Repeat this kind of movement until you dog keeps bringing the ball back to you.

Throw a ball at a distance and race together with your dog in order to catch it. Your pet will consider this as a funny competition between you two. If you have the opportunity, you can take your pet for swimming, which is one of the best forms of workout. Another possible practice is that you kick the ball towards your dog and try to play some football with him. Let’s hope it is ready to collaborate ;p

To make your thighs and butt more firm you can try to do the following exercise: stand with your legs apart from each other at a shoulder distance, go to the squat position and tease your pet with his favorite toy. When the dog jumps to grab it, rise up and take the toy above your head.

See…all this calorie-burning exercises are a free gym. 😉