There is nothing worse than someone who keeps being a smart-arse when you are on a diet. Do phrases such as: “Come on, one bite won’t kill you!” get on your nerves as well?

Here are the typical comments that can get you in a bad mood:

“This is a dish I made just for you!”
This kind of statement puts you in a difficult position. You are afraid to hurt the person by declining the dish, but at the same time you don’t want to be forced to eat foods that are “blacklisted”. Maybe the host’s intentions are kind, but at the end you feel like he/she don’t appreciate your weight loss efforts enough.

“One bite will not hurt you.”
When you are still getting used to a healthy diet, it’s extremely easy to get you into temptation. When struggling with your weight, you must pay more attention to what you consume. For this reason such comments are inappropriate.

“Let’s go to dinner.”
There is no need that all social events involve food. Several alternatives can be offered and you should then decide. Options on how to spend your free time are endless. You can visit together the theater, watch a movie, go to a concert or take a walk in the park.

“Are you sure you gonna eat that?”
When you order nevertheless a dessert in a restaurant, for sure you don’t need other’s preach. People are trying to help, but treating you as a child cannot be the solution. Small sins are allowed even if you are on a diet.

“You don’t need a diet. You look great just the way you are.”
With the sentence above they may want to reassure you, as you are not satisfied with your look. However, they should be aware that often it’s not only a matter of appearance, but also a matter of individual’s health and self-confidence. When you are facing the challenge of weight loss, you need encouragement, not opinions.

“Have you thought about surgery?”
There are many ways to get rid of excess weight. The chosen manner depends on your needs and priorities. Therefore, no one should doubt about the way you fight against your overweight, as this can sway your confidence in the selected method. And furthermore, this sort of comment is even offensive.

“When you are on a diet you are not funny anymore!”
Your health comes first. Your relatives and friends should be aware that even though you are on a diet, you don’t expect from them to give up a dessert every time you spend time together. However, it’s still better that they plan joint activities that don’t involve food.

“I’ve tried this diet, but it didn’t pay off.”
With this kind of remark nothing can be achieved. If someone failed to obtain and retain the desired weight, it doesn’t mean that you cannot succeed. People around you should encourage you, not dissuade you from your goals.