There are so many scientific studies about Green Tea weight loss benefits that we can rely on, but sometimes we simply need an extra proof of a common person, just like us. When we want to try a new product, we would like to hear what other people think about it. Which are their experiences?

KOU TEA helps to:

weight loss

  • boost your metabolism
  • suppress your appetite

and you can

  • lose up to 5 pounds a week
  • get rid of your body fat easily

Sounds great (and btw it is great)!

However, weight loss is a delicate issue and for sure we don’t want to be disappointed. So we need to hear some reassuring stories that confirm our expectations.

At the beginning many of the users of KOU TEA were skeptical about the fact that a tea could really make them lose some pounds. Finally, they’ve decided to give it a try and they’ve actually seen some good results. There are no magical tricks, but KOU TEA resulted to be very effective and helped to improve their life in one or another way.

Consumers started to notice that their hunger became much more controllable and that they were also able to cut down on eating unhealthily.  They were actually losing weight without making too much effort. Slowly, but for sure. Their body became healthier and more defined.

Besides the benefits of losing pounds, Kou Tea users feel better in general and have more energy to do exercises. The blood pressure is lower, the skin is shinier,…

Kou Tea tastes good and it’s easier to stick on drinking tea rather than on other diets, so it practically becomes a daily routine. It is easy to prepare even if you are at work. Many people keep using this tea to help maintain the obtained weight as well.

Reed more about success weight loss stories of KOU TEA friends.

We hope you get inspired and if you want you can tell us your success story too…