How effective the Blood Type Diet is? It actually depends on who you ask this question. The supporters will enthusiastically claim that this diet helps to lose weight, gives much more energy and also improves the general well-being. On the other part, most scientists, doctors and nutritionists consider this theory as a complete nonsense, because the arguments are not scientifically supported.

blood type dietFor more than twenty-five years the naturopath doctor Peter D’Adamo has been exploring connections between blood type, diet and diseases. He presented the results in his book Eat Right 4 Your Type, where he described individualized diets and lifestyles based on the differences between blood types. D’Adamo came to the conclusion that the blood type defines the way our body absorbs nutrients and he discovered which foods absorb well by people with a particular blood type and which not.

D’Adamo recommends unique nutrition for each blood group:


Dr. D’Adamo suggests to choose a high – protein diet (lots of vegetables, lean meat, poultry, olive oil and fish) and at the same time low-carb diet (as little as possible grains, beans and dairy products). People with 0 group have a very active immune system and a strong digestive system. Because they have a high degree of gastric acid, they digest meat very efficiently. Artichokes, figs, pumpkins, dandelion, chicory and spinach suit them best.


People with blood type A have a very sensitive digestive system.Their organism finds particularly difficult to decompose proteins of animal origin (for example milk and meat), which causes the accumulation of fat and toxins in the body. For these people it is also characteristic that they are prone to infections, due to weak immune system.To the members of blood group A is generally suggested to stay away from too many refined and processed food. Natural, fresh and organic food improves the immune system and thus helps to avoid diseases. Yes to whole grains, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables. D’Adamo advises eating greens, low-fat dairy and eggs.


People of this group are characterized by an insensitive digestive system and a strong immune system. Therefore, they are able to resist to many health scourges.The right food for group B persons is a balanced mix of meat and vegetables. They should avoid wheat, buckwheat, corn, lentils, peanuts and sesame seeds. This is because the lectins contained in this kind of food affect the formation of insulin in the body, resulting in fatigue and water retention in the body. The problematic lectins are also found in white and black pepper.


This blood group combines the properties of blood groups A and B. People with AB type don’t digest well red meat and are prone to cancers, parasites, candidiasis, bronchitis and pneumonia.They should concentrate on pineapples, tofu, greens, seafood and dairy. On the other part it’s better to stay away from alcohol and smoked meats.



Many scientists, physicians and nutritionists agree that this concept is not supported by any scientific evidence. Reasons for Dr. D’Adamo’s conclusions regarding classification are undocumented. There are no clinical trials to prove any of his claims.

They point out that there is no link between blood group and type of food that an individual should eat or avoid. “I do not see any compelling logic” says dr. John Foreyt, a researcher at the University of Houston. Critics also refuse any connection between blood group and certain diseases, as they didn’t come to same conclusions, despite years of research.

Experts are primarily concerned due to restrictive food intake or exclusion of major groups of nutrients, what this diet requires. Such a restriction could, in the long run, significantly damage the health.