Uniquely blended slimming tea

Four ORGANIC, high quality and most powerful weight-loss teas: Green Tea, Oolong tea, White tea and Pu-erh.

The combination of their healthy and slimming properties means a real package of benefits for you!


It’s 100% natural


  • boosts your metabolism to allow faster and natural fat burning
  • lowers high blood pressure and reduces bad LDL cholesterol
  • prevents obesity, even when eating food containing a lot of fat
  • strengthens your immune system


Two cups a day and KOU TEA will work for you!



! Disclaimer: KOU TEA is a proven great help in weight loss. We recommend products we believe will add value to you. However, it is a food supplements and is not a replacement for a balanced, varied and healthy lifestyle. It is not intended to prevent or treat any disease.


Easy to prepare. For those who like to enjoy a cup of aromatic tea without a hurry.

You get 60 bags per box and with each bag you can prepare 4 cups of this beneficial drink.

Available for you only on the official site.

Great deal with special offer »Buy 3, get 1 free«. The quality and effectiveness of KOU TEA will repay you definitely.

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