The music artist went through a very bad time, due to her excess weight. She had to listen to comments and jibes about her obesity, coming from a lot of people.  The singer hushed all them up, as she managed to drop nearly 40 pounds and now she has her fit figure again like she used to have.

Christina has put a lot of energy into her weight loss. She was angry with the evil comments and criticisms, so she became depressed. Then she finally decided to do something. She chose a diet, which dictated that she could eat 1,600 calories a day.

Her diet was rich in protein, whole grain and vegetables. She was cautious concerning her intake of carbs and starch. Plus, she was very good at avoiding late-night snacks. Among other things on her menu, for example, there were oatmeal with apples, quinoa and zucchini for breakfast, grilled steak with vegetables for lunch, tuna with potatoes and cauliflower for dinner along with apple and cinnamon cake for dessert.

Of course, she also began working out more regularly, assisted by her personal trainer Tee Sorge. Five days a week she was doing an hour and a half of cardio exercises, strength training and stretching. Together they were also practicing yoga.  Christina really worked hard and there was no longer just a matter of weight loss but also of well-being. She believed in gymnastics, which she really enjoyed.




The actress Jennie Garth, who became famous with the role of Kelly in the series Beverly Hills, has reduced her weight significantly. Following to her devastating divorce she needed a big change – she needed to improve her physical and mental condition and start a brand new life.

After she showed off her slender figure, Jennie was criticized for losing her weight in an unhealthy way. However, she affirmed that she did it in the “old-fashioned” manner. She undertook a prudent diet and started to move more. She began to take care of herself by eating less, working out more regularly and drinking coconut water.

She also revealed her secret: Greek yogurt every morning, a lot of salads and proteins during the day and occasionally a biscuit as one small indulgence.

Jennie exercises regularly by going to the gym or simply hiking with her dog. She uses positive thinking and self-motivation to keep going. She doesn’t believe in the fact that we have to deny things we love just because we want to stay fit. The important thing is to be healthy.


The popular singer Pink, which is now mother of a lovely girl named Willow, has put on 25 kilos (55 pounds) during her pregnancy. But the star has lost the excess weight very quickly, thanks to a vegetarian diet, yoga and intense workout.

In an interview with the fashion magazine Cosmopolitan she admitted that she felt terrible after the childbirth. The star, who was always in a good shape, confessed that the pregnancy and postnatal pounds unpleasantly surprised her. She could hardly wait for her old top form. Her strict diet consisted of vegan and vegetarian food, yoga and exercise. Now, she occasionally eats chicken and fish, but she is trying to consume as little food of animal origin as possible. She said that she really found joy and pleasure in training. She spends one hour a day doing intense exercises and an extra hour for stretching and yoga.

In her “Try” video Pink shows us her amazing dance skills and even more amazing sculpted muscles.
(This song could also be a good motivation during your workout performance)