There are different ways of losing weight, but have you ever thought that your smartphone can help you with that?

With the increasing diffusion of smart phones, tablet computers and other mobile devices the market of applications has developed as well. You can found a large number of those – free or payable – that treat health, fitness and weight loss.

According to the project’s results of the company Pew Internet & American Life, 15 percent of adults use health applications, 17 percent search for apps information in case of injuries or malaise.
Quite 46 percent of mobile phones, owned by Americans, have at least one of these applications installed. Almost one third use mobile phones to monitor their weight, for weight control and for muscle group exercises.

As experts say, these kinds of applications have a positive impact on users, especially on those who have overweight problems. Daily objectives, and thus the weekly ones, are easier to achieve with some sort of control.

There are many useful apps that can help you to manage your diets, to learn eating healthier, sometimes also in a totally fun way. In some cases you have to fill out your profile with information such as your age, height, gender and activity.

Various weight loss applications include nutritional tips, calorie calculations, training schedules, body mass monitoring and so on… You can easily follow the chosen diet, keep to the prescribed meals and all the data remain all the time with you in your pocket or purse. It’s possible also to share your weight loss progress with your friends through social media.

Perhaps weight loss apps are considered as a new caprice only, but on the other hand they really encourage you to determine your weight loss goal. This step is very important. They are able to support you to stick to your new rules always and everywhere.


Here are some top free applications that provide control over eating habits and physical exercises: Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal, Lose it!, Weight Watchers mobile, Noom Weight Loss Coach.