If you know how to manage your metabolism properly, you will lose 600 extra calories a day. Follow a few simple tips and you will succeed. So, check out how to get your metabolism into action.

Dr. John Berardi, author of The Metabolism Advantage, suggests starting with the change of some of your habits and to step out of the daily routine. Despite everything, you should be aware that the success of weight loss depends on many things, for example, genes, lifestyle, etc…


Healthy breakfast
Your metabolism can be set in motion already in the morning, if you start the day with a healthy breakfast. In case you let your body starve in the morning, your metabolism slows down and the body begins to consume its store. Later you become so hungry that you literally attack the fridge. Various studies have confirmed that those who don’t enjoy the breakfast are more prone to obesity than those who regularly consume breakfast.

And what the breakfast should be like? It should contain a lot of whole grain carbohydrates and proteins. Provide also ballast substances, such as oatmeal with fruit topped with yogurt. It’s a great meal to speed up metabolism and your body will be grateful.

…accelerates the metabolism too.  A study, which was published in Psychology & Behavior, found that a cup of coffee boost the metabolism by 16 % compared to consumption of caffeine-free coffee. The caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and speeds up heartbeat and breathing. If you are not a coffee fan, you can replace it with green tea, obtaining the same effect.

Drink cold water
Scientists at the University of Utah have discovered that drinking cold water stimulates the metabolism. The reason probably lies in the fact that the body burns a few extra calories while adjusting the cold water to the warmer body temperature. Also in general, the regular consumption of sufficient amounts of water makes the digestion better.

DURING WORK…choose what you like the most

What about a protein meal?
Protein snack in moderate quantities helps strengthen your muscles. More muscles mean faster spending of calories and fat even when you rest.



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Take a cup of Green Tea
Green Tea contains a compound called ECGC, which speeds up the burning of calories. According to some researches, 2-4 cups of Green Tea a day can help you spend 50 extra calories. On the other hand, experts point out that, due to its healing properties, Green Tea should be consumed in small quantities, not more than once a day.



Drink a beverage with calcium
A glass of milk or yogurt with less fat it’s the right choice. A research of the University of Copenhagen has revealed that calcium accelerate the metabolism to such an extent that it push out the excess fat from the organism. This effect can be achieved only with natural calcium and not with calcium supplements.


Choose organic food
Try to buy as natural as possible when buying food. Also note that foods made with white flour and sugar are the real destroyers of the organism. Buy naturally grown fruits and vegetables as all the sprays and similar poisons are not good for your health.

Consume spicy food
Add to your lunch a little of tabasco or chili and your metabolism will be faster by as much as 23 %. This type of hot spices has an impact on the nervous system and thereby facilitates digestion. However, in case your body cannot stand hot spices, be careful, and if you have medical problems rather talk to your doctor prior to consumption.

Make sure you have enough iron
Women should especially ensure adequate intake of iron, as they are losing it with blood during menstruation. If you have lack of iron in your blood, it means that your cells are badly provided, that your muscles are not strong enough and that you don’t have enough energy. Your metabolism slows down. In order to avoid this, eat regularly food rich in iron (red beets, carrots, apples, onions, garlic, etc.).


Provide your body with omega-3 fatty acids
For dinner, for example, eat up some fish, such as salmon, tuna or sardines. These are the right choice, especially if you have problems with excess weight. They speed up metabolism and give you a longer feeling of satiety.


Give yourself enough sleep
Researchers at Stanford University have found that people who for a long period slept only seven hours a day, gained weight. Sleep is very important for a normal metabolic activity. Therefore, try to have at least eight hours of rest per day.