Santa was very good at maintaining his fit shape during the year. He was on a diet and he was doing exercises, so to be in a perfect condition on his end-of-the-year journey around the world.  In December he has a lot of tasks, which require a lot of strength and energy.

However, he was very determined, but now, just before Christmas his wife made such delicious cakes and pastries that he couldn’t resist. He succumbed to Christmas overeating. His belly is now pretty rounded and he is not so supple any more. Guess what? He even got stuck up in the chimney and we must get him out of there. Children are waiting for their new toys, but Christmas will not arrive until we set him free.

What diet should we recommend him?

Perhaps the next time he should enter through the doors and we can offer him a cup of tasty Green Tea. 😉

See, how this funny story happened…

And of course, Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and fit new year 2014.