Green Tea is not  a popular drink only because of its general healthy benefits, but it can be also used for removing stretch marks. Recent research has shown, that Green Tea may also be helpful in certain skin complaints as the EGCG found in Green Tea helps to rejuvenate dying skin cells. One way in which this may be beneficial is to get rid of stretch marks.

Green Tea may help you with prevention. Dr. Stephen Hsu from Medical College of Georgia Department of Oral Biology has found that the EGCG can rejuvenate the dying skin cells near the surface of skin and make them start dividing again. Although Dr. Hsu admits that full benefits regarding this issue are unknown, he believes that this will help to improve the skin condition. He says that: “If skin cells surrounding wounds or infections don’t heal in time, fibroblasts in the connective tissue may rush in to fill the void and cause scar tissue formation. If we can spur the skin cells to differentiate and proliferate, we can potentially accelerate the wound-healing process and prevent scarring.” Since stretch marks are caused by tears in the skin and scarring, this property of Green Tea has big chances to help get  rid of stretch marks.

To remove stretch marks we can use Green Tea in a number of ways, both internally and externally. The best way is to apply it externally. This can be done in the form of:

Drinking Green Tea is also beneficial for losing weight and since stretch marks are often linked to weight gain, it can help to prevent stretch marks in as well.

As you can see Green Tea isn’t good only for drinking, but it can be used for a lot of different things. One of this is removeing stretch marks. You can prepare a Green Tea from Green Tea bags. Drinking it will make you feel better an when Green Tea bags cool down, use them to remove stretch marks..

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