Various powders for the preparation of protein drinks are not new. The first ones appeared about 50 years ago and were intended solely for bodybuilders. Later, their use has expanded enormously, not only amongst other professional and recreational athletes, but even amongst completely inactive people, older people, people who for various reasons need an additional source of protein (patients, vegetarians) and – people who want to lose weight. The possibility to purchase protein shakes is no longer limited to specialized shops, as they can be found in some supermarkets, pharmacies and health-food stores too.

What is a protein drink?

Protein drink can be already prepared in a bottle or Tetra Pak, but it is most commonly found in the form of a powder that is mixed with fluid before consummation. It contains an increased proportion of proteins, usually 70 percent or more. It has very little sugar and fat content. We are talking about a beverage with a specific composition and nutritional value, with which can be supplemented our usual diet, if necessary. In addition to a number of milky and fruit flavors there are also available such without sweeteners, flavorings, colorings and other additives. A protein drink can be enriched with cocoa, honey and fruit.

For a dose (supplement or meal replacement) it’s recommended to use 30 grams of powder melted with milk, water or yogurt. This kind of drink tastes good, it is easy to digest and

Why are proteins important during weight loss?

The purpose of weight loss is maximizing the loss of body fat and minimizing the loss of muscle tissue at the same time. It can be defined successful in case we are able to maintain in the long-term the reduced percentage of body fat at an acceptable level. With a too strict diet it’s possible to lose weight fast, but it can also make the body dissolve muscle tissue. An effective diet should therefore include a reasonable amount of proteins which allow maintaining muscle tissue and metabolic rate.

Does this kind of drink speed up weight loss?

These drinks are not something we must necessarily take to be successful at losing weight.
If during weight loss we consume too little protein with normal food or the quality of protein intake is poor, the deficit can be replaced by a corresponding protein drink. Protein drinks may help, but, frankly, they are far from being a prerequisite for a successful and long-term weight loss. Of course, it is possible to lose weight quickly, if two meals with 500 calories are replaced with a drink that has only 120. This creates a significant caloric deficit. However, it is good to know that this can be achieved also by eating other food with comparable nutritional and caloric values. Prolonged and excessive intake of large amounts of protein can adversely affect the functioning of the kidneys, liver and other organs.

Pay attention to the ingredients

Although the packaging says “suitable for weight loss”, “fat-free” or something similar, it is far from imperative that such a drink is really suitable for slimming. Never decide to buy a product only on the basis of tempting promises on the packaging or advertising material. Always check carefully the nutritional value and ingredients. A low percentage of fat may on the other hand mean a high content of sugar. One of the main information when choosing a protein shake is the glycemic index, but be careful as this can be low due to the use of harmful artificial sweeteners such as sucralose.