I started drinking Green Tea some years ago. Because of drinking it every day I experimented with some methods of preparation.

Now I can show you my magic formula for a very tasty Green Tea. I am using Green Tea bags.

I realized that there are 4 facts of a good prepared Green Tea:

  • the temperature of water must be about 80 degrees
  • better is quality of Green Tea, the better will taste
  • quality of water is also important. I highly recommend pure spring water
  • and the last one, time needed to steep

The lower is quality of Green Tea, longer you must steep and use a higher temperature of water.

I’m preparing the water in the microwave and here is the procedure.

Take a cup and put in about 1.5 decilitre of cold water. Then you put it in the microwave for 1 minute and 30 seconds at 100% power. Now put the Green Tea bag in the cup and after 3 minutes take it out. Put in one teaspoon full of sugar and add cold milk (about 0.3 decilitre).