Drinking Green Tea on a regular basis helps to remove toxins out of our organism. This Green Tea body detoxification is due to its high content of powerful antioxidants polyphenols.

We are increasingly faced with harmful substances that come from the environment or that we consume with the food. Our body tries to remove them promptly and destroy them, but for a successful defense it needs protection necessary.

It’s known that fast food which doesn’t include enough fruits and vegetables as well as candies have a negative impact on our health. During the digestion of such unhealthy food free radicals emerge. These substances can damage the cells of our body and DNA and contribute to the occurrence of diseases.

Antioxidants are excellent radical catchers. Compounds such as polyphenols, flavonoids and carotenoids bind free radicals which are generated during digesting process and secrete them out of our body. If we want to protect ourselves against toxins, we must take into account a healthy diet.

Green Tea is one of the healthiest beverages, the effects of which have already been demonstrated in many studies. It is a good addition to our diet as it is able to strengthen the metabolic defense against toxins. Being very rich in antioxidants it neutralizes the destructive free radicals. Green tea’s catechins speed up liver function and help to reduce fat storage in the liver. To obtain an optimal Green Tea body detoxification it is recommended to drink 2 or 3 cups of Green Tea a day to consume enough polyphenols.


If the body is prone to water retention, then asparagus and rice are an excellent choice. The accumulation of water results from the imbalance of water in the body. A natural help with these symptoms is a regular consumption of unsalted brown rice. The asparagus are among the most effective natural methods for the water drainage from the body as well. They also contain a lot of potassium and are low in calories.

The pineapple contains a lot of water and is low in calories. This tropical fruit is full of potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, copper and iodine. The most important ingredient is the bromelain, which promotes the digestion of proteins.

Regular consumption of broccoli contributes to the prevention of cancer. Numerous bio-active plant substances and plenty of vitamins classify this vegetable as a real guardian of health. The cabbage is also known as liver cleaning vegetable.

Berries, in particular raspberries and blueberries, contain a lot of health –friendly substances, including a high proportion of polyphenol ellagic acid. This component acts already in the intestine, where it helps to remove harmful elements.

A glass of hot water with lemon in the morning is able to help our digestion and promotes body detox.

Recommendations for detoxification:
1. We must consume a sufficient amount of liquids, at least 1.5-2 liters per day. It’s important to drink water or other beverages that don’t contain additional sugar.

2. It is advisable to avoid any caloric food, rich in fat and sugar. Instead, we should put regularly on our menu foods with lots of antioxidants. In this way we can help our body to eliminate harmful substances that may trigger many diseases.

3. A regular physical activity is helpful for the detoxification as well. Among other things, it strengthens the veins, lymphatic vessels and helps to clean the body.

In any case, we have to realize that we are the ones to know our body best. We know what suits better to it and we should eat in accordance to this. We must be aware that detoxification should not be equated to body weight reduction. Therefore, it is suggested to detoxify the body only for a few days and not more.