When I was younger I ate everything (especially a lot of chocolate and French fries) but my weight remained always the same. I had problems with gaining some weight and consequently I had a lot of nausea because of low blood pressure. But over time, the situation changed and I was getting thicker. Also this caused me a lot of troubles, like high blood pressure and migraines.

Being an athlete at the time of High School was also a reason, why I didn’t gain any weight. Then the time of University came and I finished the career of athlete. I took completely new hobbies – playing games on computer, hanging out with friends, drinking alcohol, going to every student party and eating at all hours.

My head kept hurting me every day and it was very annoying. I couldn’t study or do my work. I just slept, so I’ve decided to visit my doctor. He told me that I should take pills to lower my blood pressure and get rid of headache or I must change my habits. The obvious step was to change my life, but I knew that this would be very difficult.

He gave me some advices on what to change:

  • Don’t eat any fried food
  • The portion of dinner – make it half
  • Eat less starch
  • Eat less carbohydrates
  • Start working out, but only cardio type of exercise
  • Don’t do any diet because you will lose your muscle mass and over time you will gain additional weight
  • Amongst milk products you can only take fresh cheese and mozzarella
  • Eat a lot of vegetables

I took it further and I’ve searched in books, how to live healthier. I also found that Green Tea has a lot of benefits. It lowers blood pressure and helps to lose weight, so I’ve put it on my every day menu.

Here is my plan about what I did to lose so much weight in 2 months. Basically, I just changed my attitudes. At the beginning it was very difficult, but I was very motivated. Over the time I was also felling much better and with new attitudes my weight remained the same.

Here is my to-do list:

  • Exercise every day – I go running for 30 minutes every day in the morning or in the evening. I bought a HRM and that really motivates me. You can also choose to walk, swim or cycle.
  • Instead of a big pizza order a small pizza.
  • Don’t eat any carbohydrates.
  • Drink Green Tea every day.
  • Instead of starch eat more whole-grain products.
  • Don’t eat any fried food (for example, instead of fried calamari order grilled calamari).
  • Instead of carbonated or sweet drink order water.

I follow these simple steps every day. I feel much much better and I don’t have headaches any more. At the beginning is difficult to change your attitudes, but if you have the desire to lose some weight, I am sure that this can work great for everyone.