A good news for men – weight loss is easier for them as for women. Of course this is true in general and not for each and every man in this world.

The first reason for which losing weight is faster and easier for men is entirely biological: men have more muscle mass than women. The most deserving for this fact is the male sex hormone testosterone.

A man spends more calories than a woman in the same circumstances
• because the amount of muscle mass is one of the essential factors that affect the level of the basal metabolism
• and because the muscles are the biggest consumer of energy in the body.

Furthermore, this is not valid only for physical activities, as even in their sleep men spend more calories than women.

In addition, men are usually heavier. To move and maintain 90 – kilo body more energy is required than to move and maintain the 60 – kilo body, which is another factor for faster weight loss in men.

The man’s and woman’s body composition differs also in the percentage of body fat. For a men the normal body fat percentage range from 12 to 15 percent, while women typically have from 20 to 25 percent of body fat. The estrogen, the female sex hormone, is also responsible for the fact that more consumed food is turned into fat stores.

In women, a higher percentage of body fat is reasonable, because in this way the body can maintain a child during pregnancy. Nowadays, at least in the major part of Western world, we are no longer threatened by hunger, but our bodies are still very primal and fat stores are created as a stock in case food may not be available in abundance.

Men’s slimming is easier, mainly due to evolutionary development and constitution which makes women’s  weight losing a difficult task.