Yes, the Happy December is certainly not the most optimal time when it comes to diets. There is full of sweets and unhealthy snacks everywhere, and they are so hard to resist. After the holidays we usually have to fight with an extra pound or two that we’ve put on in no time.

How to make possible that Christmas and New Year celebrations won’t show their signs around our waist?

• Leaving the cooking to some other family member
We should try to keep away from cooking and food preparation for the festive lunch and dinner. In this way we will not be tempted to take small bites and to taste the food during cooking. Instead, we can volunteer for setting the table or doing the dishes at the end.

• Enjoying healthy snacks only
Sweet cravings can be satisfied with vegetables, fresh or dried fruit and nuts rather than with pastries.

• Keeping a playful spirit
Children rarely hang around the table and they are always doing something. It’s a good idea to spend as much time as possible with them. If we don’t have our own ones, we can “borrow” the children of friends, our nephews or other kids of the family. We can take them for a walk or skating. When there is snow outside it’s nice to make a snowman and have a snowball fight. At family meetings we shouldn’t rotate around the kitchen, but get distracted by reading fairy tales to children or singing holiday songs with them instead.

• Spending calories during the holiday shopping
Going for holiday shopping means walking around the large shopping center, pushing the shopping cart full of food and searching for gifts. All this requires a lot of energy. If we don’t need to buy a lot of things, we should even park a few minutes away from the shopping mall. In such a way we will avoid nervous looking for a parking space and we will take a walk as well.

• Evening walk around the city
Taking an evening walk and sightseeing around the fabulously decorated and illuminated city … sounds good. We can take some friends with us and enjoy together the festive mood or we can have a more romantic walk in pair.

• Preparation of a crazy Christmas or New Year party
As the organizers we can be active already a few days earlier. There will be a lot of things to prepare and decorate.  On the merry evening numerous errands will keep us busy, so we won’t have time to overeat. Also the next day we will move around when dealing with cleanup.