Let me tell you a short story. A story that could be yours…like a fairytale with a happy end.

Some years ago I’ve decided to quit dieting and become slim instead. At that time I weighed more than 100 pounds and I’ve been trapped in a vicious circle of weight loss and gaining pounds, disappointments and pain. Then something changed in my head. I realized that I was constantly connected to the past, to my past actions and feelings of guilt. As long as it was so, I couldn’t improve anything.

When I decided consciously to become lean and to achieve the harmony of my body, mind, soul and spirit, I “disconnected” from the past and from what I ate yesterday. I preferred to focus on the future and on what I was becoming.

We have unlimited possibilities in us

I also realized that I was a person with an unlimited potential, both in the present and in the future. I could be the creator of my life and everything I needed for a new image, I carried already within myself.
Over the next year I got rid of my extra pounds and I achieved the desired weight.


Just when the caterpillar thought it was the end of the world, it turned into a beautiful butterfly.

If you do nothing, nothing happens

My story about changing and healing was not finished yet, as the skin on my abdomen became loose after such a huge weight loss. After consulting with the aesthetic surgeon, with my family and friends I finally decided not to have surgery. So, I started to massage.

I don’t diet but I’m not getting fat anymore

I’ve started dealing with a number of things that were able to evoke a smile on my face. I’ve learned that life has to offer us much more than just counting calories and following menus and diets.

I love myself

The crucial switch and, at the same time, the most beautiful gift that I got on that journey is the fact that I started to love myself.