If you decide to lose your weight, you need a good plan.

You certainly know that it is wise to take into account a professional advice, but unfortunately you are often tempted with super effective and rapid diets in a few weeks. Remember many weight loss attempts, hunger attacks and sacrifices. Perhaps you can mention some successful slimming attempts, but mostly you failed in a long term.

Now, you are disappointed. You did a lot already to lose extra pounds, but eventually you regain and add some more. What did you do wrong? Do you ever wonder if you are dealing correctly with this challenging project?

A successful weight loss is a long-term project. We are not talking about diet, but about change in eating habits and inclusion of physical activity in your everyday life. It looks difficult, but if you introduce changes slowly and gradually, you are well on the way to success, which means a long-term loss of excess weight.

HEALTY SLIMMING means losing weight slowly, with continuous energy deficit. With food you should intake less energy in your body than you need it or do more exercise to consume more energy. At the same time be sure to provide most of the nutrients needed for optimal performance of your body. Choose appropriate food – balanced and diverse.

Even small changes in body weight mean a lot to your health, especially if you are losing weight in a healthy way. A few pounds less reduce the risk of heart disease, lowers high blood pressure, affects blood sugar levels and improves levels of blood lipids.Every pound less = smaller burden for your joints.

You may want to improve physical performance to avoid being out of breath when climbing stairs or a hill? Or maybe you would like to cycle faster? Maybe you want to be slimmer? The reasons that lead you to the decision to start losing weight are very different. The principle of healthy weight loss is actually independent of the cause.

So which is the healthy process?


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