Most people usually try to reduce the weight with one of the diets, which are modern at that time, with starvation, with “wild” workout or with advertised pills and powders, which typically promise miraculous fat loss, etc… A few days after the beginning of weight loss process, the majority of people feels dizziness, headache, increased nervousness and other problems. In this article I would like to point out some forms of weight loss which can be harmful to our health or even dangerous.

If you want to lose weight you have to do it in a right and prudent way.


Some people try to lose weight by drinking water only. The problem is that they often obtain an opposite effect. After the fasting the appetite may increase and they gain even more weight than they lost with it. The body weight decreases quickly during the first days, mainly due to water loss from the body. This can cause a drop in blood pressure, dizziness and collapse. If the fast lasts several days some harmful and even life-threatening complications may occur because of electrolyte disorders and nutrient deficiencies.


Properly structured slimming diet should be balanced. This means that even though the caloric intake is smaller, the dietary nutrition must include all those nutritional substances that the body needs for healthy functioning. Often people choose to stick to a diet which is unbalanced, unverified or is recommended by famous people. This carelessness and ignorance could end up detrimental.


They are usually consumed as liquid concoctions. The chemical composition of these products is very different, but mostly they are not balanced. In some of them there is lack of protein in others there are too many simple carbohydrates. By substitutes for food exists also the risk that overweight people eventually develop a resistance to the regular and normal proper eating habits.


For the ingenuous each plant is welcomed, just to promise weight loss without any effort and without any diets. The more exotic the plant (maple, algae, Chinese herbs,…), the more people are convinced of its miraculous effects.


Sometimes people use drugs that reduce appetite or reduce the absorption of fat from the intestine. These drugs usually do not eliminate the causes of excessive food intake, so their success is pretty much short-lived. Because of the possibility of dangerous side effects their prescribing should be extremely careful. Definitely ineffective and harmful to health, however, is when people try to lose weight with medicines that stimulate the secretion of urine (diuretics) or with laxatives.


Some overweight people, who previously weren’t physically active, start to exaggerate with exercise. They don’t consider that their untrained body cannot cope immediately with this new situation. This reckless behavior can be found to be noxious and dangerous instead. It is especially dangerous to wear impermeable clothes during exercise. Because of them the body cannot throw its heat. Anyway, the increased sweating can cause higher loss of water and electrolytes, overstrain the heart and increase the risk of stroke.


When you want to reduce weight it’s recommend a regular and balanced diet, giving up of sweets and caloric drinks as well as a corresponding increase in physical activity. When this does not succeed, and especially if you also have high blood pressure, an increased amount of sugar or fat in the blood or if you are taking some medications, it is necessary to get professional help from doctors. Do not fall for unsuitable consultants and inadequate or misleading commercials.

Pay attention that also Green Tea is not a magical plant. But in comparison to other concoctions it can help you in a natural way and the facts are proven. It stimulates your metabolism, so you can really lose weight by drinking it. As long as you take care about what you eat and you don’t sit all day on the couch.

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