In our previous article we were speaking about a healthy way of losing weight.

As promised, now we are going to take a closer look at the right process.

1.Setting realistic and achievable goals

Set a goal that is reachable for you. Follow a doable plan which contains several smaller objectives that can be gradually but steadily achieved. Your goal should be in line with your needs, wishes and possibilities.

Healthy weight loss is slow weight loss – 10 % of the primary weight within six months. If you lose your extra pounds slowly, it is easier to maintain the reduced body weight. Changing habits gradually make possible that this changes become your routine, which helps to maintain the new weight.

2.Nutritional plan: less food, but nutritionally balanced and evenly distributed throughout the day

Changes in eating habits should be introduced slowly. Once you can control one change you can start dealing with the next one. Make a nutritional plan that is tailored to your needs and determine the energy deficit, which is healthy and realistic for you.

Basic recommendations are:

– Choose quality food that provides the body with all the necessary nutrients – fruits and vegetables, whole grain products, skimmed milk and milk products, eggs, lean meat (no visible fat), fish. Limit sweet and fatty foods. Reduce your intake of salt, sugary drinks and alcohol.

– Drink a lot of water.

– Pay attention to the energy value of food.

– Eat smaller portions.

– Start the day with breakfast and eat several times a day.

3.Regular physical activity

Recreation should become a part of your everyday life. Search for an appropriate physical activity and gradually increase its duration and difficulty. Let the exercise be a pleasure and an effective and enjoyable way to spend calories.

4.Change in thinking and behavior

This will help you to realize the imposed plan. You must be aware that the decision to lose weight is your personal decision and that other people can only support you.

Be consistent and disciplined, but kind to yourself. Don’t be stern to your body and don’t ignore your feelings. If you want to discover deeper causes for your problem, find an appropriate psychotherapist. When you reach the preset goal reward yourself.


Healthy weight loss means the change in various areas of your life. Before going into this project is necessary to reflect well and not to trust to fashionable diets. You may opt for proven professional help. The consultant will not only advise and prepare the plan, but also stand by and encourage. The decision is therefore in your hands. A healthy body and well-being are certainly worth your effort.