To the fact that Green Tea helps to lose weight, to melt fat and to promote metabolism we can add also the new finding, which says that Green Tea stimulates the production of growth hormone.

Green Tea enhances the production of human growth hormone HGH, which is necessary for muscle building and gain of muscle mass. Beside this, the HGH also reduces the proportion of fat in the body and improves the health of heart and veins. Additionally, the hormone makes the skin more beautiful and improves physical and mental performance. The increased level of growth hormone is responsible for better mood, better sleep and stronger libido. That’s what experts, who conducted a study in the American Center for Alternative Medicine, say. The research has demonstrated that one of the active compounds in Green Tea – the epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) – has a direct impact on the level of growth hormone.

What is growth hormone?

Human growth hormone is produced by the hypophysis and slows down with ageing. The natural secretion of growth hormone from hypophysis is the most intensive till the age of 20, after that the amount of the hormone decreases by 10-15 % every following decade. With regard to this, the research findings about Green Tea encouraging additional production of this hormone are encouraging.

The experiment lasted ninety days. One group of people was eating diet food and drinking Green Tea, while the other was receiving placebo. The levels of growth hormone of those who have been drinking Green Tea were elevated by 320 % at the end of the study. In the placebo group, the increase of muscle growth reached only 20 %. In addition, those who drank Green Tea had 24 % higher level of growth hormone IGF-1, while the growth in the placebo group was lower – 15 %.

Amazing is also the fact that the Green Tea users lost three times more weight than those who received placebo. And with this, we are once again confirming the effects Green Tea has on weight loss.


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