Are you worried about your breath sometimes too?
If you are preparing for a date or for an important meeting, several nutritionists advise to include the following foods in your meals in order to refresh it.

All that you need for a better breath could be just the adequate hydration. The WATER moistens your mouth and throat and flushes food residues and unpleasant bacteria that cause bad breath. A kind of natural toothbrush is also the APPLE. This fruit, like all crunchy and fiber-rich foods, stimulates the production of saliva, which is the natural enemy of bacteria that cause odor in the mouth. The CHEWING GUM works similarly as well and also CINNAMON with its essential oils is the real killer of bacteria. You may also help yourself with the food rich in VITAMIN C, which prevents the growth of bacteria and neutralize the odor. Another good thing to try is the GREEK YOGURT that lowers the levels of hydrogen sulfide, a byproduct of anaerobic bacteria, in the mouth. And finally for a better breath enjoy the GREEN TEA, because it contains flavonoids, which are able to prevent the bacteria to adhere to your teeth. Just like drinking water, also drinking tea can wash effectively away the harmful bacteria.

You can drink it during your meal or just wash out your mouth with it several times a day. Hold it in your mouth for a few minutes and “move it” a little bit, then spit it without swallowing it.

Green Tea is one of the effective natural antidotes against bad breath. It eliminates the problem directly at the source of origin, by improving the digestion and thus reducing the possibility of constipation, flatulence and decay gases that pass from the blood into the lungs and from there to exhaled air. In addition, with its basic pH Green Tea lowers acid concentration in the gastric juice. In this way less unpleasant and sour breath comes from the stomach to the throat and the mouth. At the same time it prevents the occurrence of caries and plaque formation with bacteria that cause inflammation and odor.

Green Tea also promotes metabolism and thus cleansing of the organism. Even more effective is Green Tea in combination with dried leaves of peppermint, which gives the tea a very pleasant taste. It prevents the formation of unpleasant gases in the body and its essential oil gives a pleasant taste in the mouth (also recommended for smokers).

Of course, any of these foods will not be able to help you, if you don’t maintain a proper dental hygiene, which includes regular brushing and use of dental floss. Otherwise, the microorganisms in your mouth will grow to such an extent that it will be very difficult to neutralize their performance with some food.