I think there’s no need to say one more time how protective characteristics of Green Tea are able to strengthen the human immune system. Taking into account this knowledge, there was a study conducted on the subject of HIV, which is defined as human immunodeficiency virus. Can Green Tea help to prevent also this kind of damage to the immune system?

Experts from Baylor College of Medicine (USA) and University of Sheffield (UK) have joined their forces in a study about Green Tea effects on the HIV virus. On the basis of their research, American and British scientists found out that Green Tea reduces the risk of HIV infection. In addition, it also helps people who have been already diagnosed with a HIV disease, because it slows down the spread and progression of the virus.

Researchers have discovered that the component of Green Tea, called Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), gets bounded to the walls of the immune system and thus prevents the penetration of the virus. In this way there is no space available for the virus to enter in the immune system.

Mike Williamson, the lead research professor at the University of Sheffield, points out that the results show that Green Tea has a good effect in inhibiting the spread of HIV, but it is not a cure against the virus. Drinking Green Tea does not prevent infection, but only reduces the risk. In order to improve the quality of life of infected people, the impact of Green Tea can be even more significant together with conventional methods of treatment. However, further research will show how much effect we can expect from different amounts of this tea.

Also the editor of the online service Aidsmap Keith Alcorn believes that additional tests are necessary, before we can make conclusions regarding the potential protective effects of drinking Green Tea. Any positive effect on the immune system infected by a virus is good, but Green Tea cannot replace appropriate drugs and protective methods.