A carefree lying around in the scorching summer sun is otherwise pleasant, but proved to be extremely dangerous. You can get badly sunburned or it can lead in the worst case to increased chance of getting skin cancer. Please note that the sun rays can burn you even while working in the yard or when you are sitting in your favorite terrace bar or when you take your dog for a walk. It’s extremely essential that you use a sunscreen with a suitable protection factor and that you avoid the sun when it’s the strongest. If you get burned anyway, you must alleviate as soon as possible the symptoms such as pain, redness and burning sensation. Some natural products of your own kitchen can be of very effective help.


Just like cold compresses, soaked in water, also Green Tea successfully mitigates the effects of sunburns as it has an anti-inflammatory activity. Prepare the tea and let it cool, then put a cold compresses to the burned part of your body. Your skin will be soothed and the burning sensation will disappear. Remember that you can use also the wet tea bags as comppresses.

Two American researchers, Eric Yarnell and Kathy Abascal, conducted a study in collaboration with the Bastyr University in Kenmore and the Botanical Medicine Academy in Vashon (Washington). The study investigated which role some plant extracts have in protecting the skin from sun damage.

In the experiments was included also the Green Tea. The extracts of this plant, applied locally as ointment or taken orally as dietary supplements, have proven to be very effective in preventing and alleviating the problems that the sun’s UV rays can cause to the skin.

The photo-protective power of Green Tea is not limited only to avoiding redness, since its intake can also prevent skin aging, whose process is often accelerated by the action of solar rays. Green Tea has a preventive effect on tumors of the skin as well, because the active principles of this plant act on the level of cellular DNA and immune system.

CIDER VINEGAR It works as an antiseptic and helps to prevent infections, which may be a consequence of the sunburns. Pour the same amount of water and cider vinegar into a bowl, soak a towel in this mixture, drain it and put it on the affected areas. Leave the wet pack on the skin until it dries. In case of severe sunburn you should repeat the process several times or you may opt for a cold bath with a glass of cider vinegar mixed into the water instead.
TOMATOES Tomatoes are known for their anti-inflammatory effect and contain lycopene, which promotes skin regeneration. So, knead some tomatoes to get a pulp in order to spread it on wounded areas. After ten minutes wash it away and allow the skin to dry naturally.
OATMEAL As soon as the sunburns begin to heal, usually appears an intolerable itching, which can be successfully alleviated by the oatmeal. It’s recommended to soak a cup of uncooked gruel in water for 20 minutes, then apply it on the skin and wash it away only when it’s dry.
HONEY Honey is known as one of the most efficient natural cures for disinfection of wounds and burns. Simply apply it on the burnt area and repeat the procedure four times a day.
APRICOTS A mask made from this fruit is able to alleviate itching and prevent s the peeling of the skin. You need two apricots, soaked in hot water to soften. Add a teaspoon of honey and the mixture is ready for use.
CUCUMBERS The cucumbers give back the skin’s natural moisture, accelerate blood circulation and renovate the skin. You can cut them into slices and place them on the sensitive skin.
EGG WHITE Small burns can be eased by the egg white, which creates a kind of protective layer on the skin. It’s rich in collagen that regenerates the skin. You must apply it to the burned areas before bedtime and leave it on overnight. Repeat this process until the burn has healed.
MILK A gently reddened skin can be very easily cured with compresses soaked in cold milk. Be careful to choose a whole milk- it contains more lactic acids and lactic fats that reduce redness and burning sensation. The same effect can be achieved with yogurt packs.
BAKING SODA Also the sodium bicarbonate acts as an antiseptic and prevents skin infections. To relieve the sunburn mix 4 tablespoons of baking soda in a bowl of cold water, then dip into this solution a clean cloth with which you can then cover your burned skin.