After every food consumption the level of blood sugar rises. For how much? It depends on what we eat. Studies have been done to discover how the amount of sugar in the blood varies after the ingestion of different combinations of food.

As the Green Tea doesn’t go through the fermentation process, it preserves better its polyphenols compared to other teas. Thus, the polyphenols represent 30% of all the components of this tea. These include also the antioxidant epigallocatechin-3-gallate, or EGCG, which represents more than half of the total polyphenols in Green Tea.

Drinking Green Tea works as prevention against various diseases, while foods with high glycemic index are expected to have exactly the opposite effect. In the above mentioned study, the researchers tried to figure out the appropriate combination of foods to find the best route to our health.

In the meantime let’s see the connection between Green Tea and the glycemic index.The antioxidant EGCG (in the research it was used the quantity found in one and a half cup of Green Tea) is most effective while consumed along with corn starch. In this case the increase of blood sugar (glucose) is lower for approximately 50% compared to the consumption of corn starch only.

Reasonably we ask ourselves why the EGCG alleviates the increase in sugar after eating corn starch, whereas after ingestion of glucose and maltose not. This may be due to the way in which the corn starch is degraded into glucose in the body. The enzyme alpha-amylase, which is secreted from saliva and from the pancreas, decomposes the starch to glucose and maltose. The Green Tea antioxidants are supposed to slow down the ability of alpha-amylase to decompose the starch. As a result, probably theblood sugar raises less.

So, the intake of EGCG along with corn starch mitigates the rise in blood sugar. This could mean that drinking Green Tea during meals potentially helps alleviate the typical rise in blood sugar levels by meals containing starchy foods. In addition, it is also important to note that EGCG has no such effect, if sugar is added to Green Tea or when taken before or after a meal.