More than you eat, the more hungry you are. Do you feel like this sometimes too?

Perhaps the reason lies in the fact that you don’t eat the right food. In a healthy diet it’s very important the combination of both what we eat and how much we eat.

1. Bad carbohydrates
Processed carbohydrates such as white bread, white rice and cereals with little fiber are not good for you as they rise blood sugar levels just for a short time. In this way they are giving a short-term feeling of satiety and as they are quickly digested, you feel very hungry soon, when blood sugar drops. Therefore, products made from wholegrain flour and cereals, which have a high glycemic index, represent a better choice.

2. Insufficient food volume
Some theories say that the feeling of fullness depends more on the volume of food you eat than on the amount of calories you consume. With foods such as chips, biscuits, hamburgers and French fries you intake a lot of calories, but a little quantity. That’s why you cannot stop eating them. On the other hand, you should eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grain pasta and rice in the husk, which have fewer calories, and therefore you can eat more.

3. Not enough proteins
Proteins saturate you the most (more than carbohydrates and fat) and also for a long time. However, the effect is better if you spread your protein meals throughout the day. Therefore, portions of chicken, fish, soy or tofu should be the major part of at least two meals.

4. Dehydration
The feeling of thirst, when you are dehydrated, can be misidentified for hunger sometimes. So, if you are hungry, even though you filled yourself up not long ago, try to drink a glass or two of water and maybe the desire for food will go away. A glass of water before a meal is also otherwise the easiest way to eat a little bit less, because it fills at least a little your stomach.