New Year’s Eve is often a time period when we look at the past year and we try to evaluate what we did right and what not and what decisions were the good ones.Usually we conclude that the coming year will be different and that we will handle certain matters in a more efficient way, that will lead us to the desired goal.


One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is the one about losing weight and finally reaching the wanted shape. Basically, it all depends on us individually – or we are simply convincing ourselves with words or we are actually ready to do something.

If this is also your case, here are some answers about how you can make this goal really happen. It is necessary to keep in mind some important things before you jump to any premature conclusion.

Don’t be impatient

Extra pounds are gained during months or even years of unhealthy eating and improper lifestyle, which means that they cannot be lost overnight as well. If you’ve decided to start losing weight in January, just don’t panic.

Say no to fast and drastic diets

Irrespective of whether you intend to lose two, five, ten or more pounds, don’t perform fast and drastic diets. Strict and monotonous diet can cause additional stress to your organism. Don’t skip meals because you will confuse your metabolism. Perhaps it’s much better to detoxify your body, rather than starve it. Be sure to drink plenty of water.

Set realistic goals

Set realistic goals that can really be accomplished and for which you have the will to make efforts the whole year. All other objectives, for which a real desire and power to achieve them doesn’t exist, are destined to fail. Consequently you get frustrated and you give up more quickly. So, be really honest with yourself.

Objectives should be mainly short-term ones. In this way it’s easier and the chance of success is greater. Five pounds seem more realistic and less intimidating than fifteen pounds.

Don’t repeat old mistakes

Remember the previous years and promises that you have made at that time. Don’t repeat old mistakes and forgotten promises.  This time be more determined.

Be organized Once you decide what you will try to achieve, prepare a detailed plan and maybe also some intermediate-stage goals. Organize your menu and add a few hours of physical exercise in your weekly schedule. Then there is nothing left to do but be persistent.


You have decided that you will start this year with a healthy life and not just with reckless pounds dropping? Congratulations, you are on the right track…