Many different types of diet exist… Which one is the best for you?
Find your own way to slimness!


In his very successful book Eat for pleasure – stay slim forever, the French author Michel Montignac described his diet plan as perfectly balanced diet. This is because it offers the right carbs and the right fats.

Mr. Montignac developed a method that consists of two stages:
– the program for weight loss that lasts at least two months
– and the program for the maintenance of appropriate weight, which includes the pursuance of eating habits acquired in the first phase.

He divided carbohydrates according to their glycemic index (GI) into two groups – the “good” and the “bad” carbohydrates. The good ones are those with GI lower than 50 and the GI of the bad ones exceeds 50.

According to Montignac diet you must combine very carefully the good and bad carbohydrates with other food as this is the only way to prevent the deposit of fat reserves. You absolutely cannot combine the carbs with fat, unless they contain a lot of fiber. Montignac differentiates also between the good fat and bad fat. Vegetable and fish oils are the good fats, so it’s advisable to consume them. On the other part, eating sugar is strictly forbidden and also coffee and alcohol should be avoided.

(also known as the 90-day diet or UN (United Nations) diet or three-months diet – 3MD)

The first one, who suggested the separation diet, was Dr. William Howard Hay. In 1911 he had already published the findings that wrong combination of nutrients leads to various health problems and obesity. This diet brings a bunch of rules to be followed, including the principles of a healthy life (use of olive oil, reduced salt intake, advice on visiting the doctor, etc…). It is based on the combination of foods that has a significant impact on the metabolism.

It’s a diet that lasts 90 days and is carried out in four-day cycles: the first day is always a “PROTEIN DAY”, the second one is a “STARCH DAY”, on the third day you should eat only CARBOHYDRATES and on the fourth one only VITAMINS. The objective of this 90-day separation diet is not only the loss of excess weight, but also a change in metabolism, which should ensure that you maintain the weight you have achieved after three months.


Green Tea helps the body to fight free radicals and is one of the best natural remedies for losing extra pounds, since it drains body fluids and promotes the calorie expenditure. The polyphenols in Green Tea have the ability to increase thermogenesis or in other words the heat release from the body by influencing enzymes in the metabolic process.