I believe that there is no woman who has not heard about the cellulite or stretch marks. And the majority is unfortunately even affected by them. Only a few lucky ones have the fortune not to face this kind of skin problems. Experts say, they are mostly genetic, but with a little caution it can be done a lot to reduce the possibility of their occurence or in case of their existence, to get rid of them. Every summer this nightmare seems even more evident and every woman tries to find an appropriate cure in order to be more fit. But it is often a very difficult job.

You are probably curious what the Green Tea has to do with it, right? For which reason the Green Tea is so recommended in aesthetics? The thing is quite simple. With activating the process of thermogenesis it helps fighting those skin imperfections which affect woman of all ages.

As a result, nowadays most of slimming and body shaping creams contain Green Tea. The secret lies in its compounds – caffeine and catechin polyphenols-which are used to activate the hydrolysis of triglycerides.

In fact, clinical studies have shown that, at the same concentrations, the caffeine in Green Tea has major thermogenic properties than pure caffeine. Thanks to the synergistic action with the polyphenols it is more effective in accelerating energy consumption.


Green Tea Recovery cream (source: www.amazon.com) – click on the image to know more

Green Tea performs an important antioxidant, lipolytic and potent protective action thanks to the presence of the polyphenolic component, which makes the fat oxidation more intense. It is known for its fat burning and detoxifying properties as it reduces the storage of fat with stimulating the burn of excess reserve. It is a useful substance to reduce and prevent any kind of skin streak, because it increases the elasticity of the skin, developing strength and endurance.

To keep the skin more elastic and firm the Green Tea is known for its extraordinary anti-radical activity. Green Tea polyphenols and theophylline play an antioxidant and drainage role, help stimulate cell regeneration, promote the production of elastin and collagen and in this way increase skin elasticity. With doing so, the stretch marks and cellulite are evidently mitigated.

Sounds really great! So, we should have a look at how we can apply this theory also in practice. For sure it cannot make miracles, but it is better try to do something than nothing.

Well, for those who do not want to buy creams on the market, but make full use of natural do-it-yourself methods (also low cost among other things), here are two tips that are easy to perform at home.

Firstly, most common and easy is to use the Green Tea as a beverage. The anti-cellulite properties of Green Tea are based on its ability to promote the removal of fluids from the body. In fact, Green Tea effectively fights water retention. For any real effect it must be consumed regularly every day (a couple of cups a day, but pay attention not to drink it too much). You can add a little spoon of sugar or honey and it taste very good.

At the other side, the Green Tea can be used also externally. Here follows another example of natural recipe for a quick treatment which really works. You can actually prepare it at home by yourself and this anti-cellulite peeling can be easily done every day.

Just melt together the ingredients listed below.

Use 3 little spoons of cacao and 3 little spoons of fine salt. You will need also 2 little spoons of coarse bicarbonate salt and olive oil. A bit of Green Tea infusion will serve to mix everything.

Pay attention that this mixture should not be very liquid. While you are in the shower, you can use it for a massage and then you simply wash it off.

You should try it. With perseverance and determination you can get good results. But please, be patient, because it cannot happen over the night.

However, be aware that to prevent or reduce the stretch marks and cellulite problems, it is much more important to be careful about your nutrition, to drink a lot of water, to perform physical activity and -if necessary- to make professional beauty treatments.