You can find out that fungi don’t like Green Tea in case you forget the tea for the whole week in a thermos. All other beverages get a characteristic scent of decay and various types of molds and fungi appear on the surface. At this stage, Green Tea can still smell good instead!

What makes it so useful  in case of Candidiasis?

High-quality Green Tea contains a lot of antioxidants, promotes digestion and has an antibacterial effect. Its protective effect against caries and inflammation of the gastric mucosa shows that it works against fungus as well.

What is Candidiasis?
When struggling with Candida the nutrition is extremely important . The aim of the specific diet is to avoid the food which feeds also candida and to detoxify and de-acidify the body, thus creating an unfavourable environment for this fungus. The most important thing is to limit carbohydrate intake – Candida likes sugar above all actually! During the diet it’s good to consume more »non-starch« vegetables, nuts and seeds.

Tannins contained in Green Tea have a soothing effect on the stomach and intestines. They almost completely protect the mucous membrane and by that they take away the grounding for harmful micro-organisms.

Green Tea also contains bitter principles that enhance the functioning of our digestive glands. In case of candidiasis is especially important that Green Tea strengthens liver function and bile secretion. This fact is very important by the diet with increased intake of fat and protein and therefore an increased need for detoxification.

You may already know that afla-toxins secreted by Candida could operate carcinogenically. It is therefore very valuable the finding that Green Tea contains RGCG (abbreviation for epigalocetehingalat), which effectively inhibits the growth of tumors. Researchers who have studied this substance believe that EGCG protects against tumors hundred times more than vitamin C and even two hundred times more than vitamin E. This fact results to be very useful also when having problems with candida.

So, arm yourselves with this effective natural mean.